The Duck Egg

On Easter Sunday Dad walked outside to drink his coffee. When he turned around to go back in he saw a duck sitting on a nest. Dad saw an egg underneath her. A couple hours later the duck was not there, so we took the egg and incubated it. A few weeks for now we might have a baby duck.

This is the makeshift incubator.

Kit the chick

When we got Kit we immediately liked her! And she liked us!
She climbed all over Amelia. Kit likes to come in the house and be held. When we put her down she chirps loudly. She is the best chick we have had!

April 12 – Easter Egg

This morning, after waking up to an Easter Egg hunt, Dad found another egg outside. This one had been laid by the mama duck that walks around our neighborhood. We decided that we would take the egg inside and put it in a makeshift incubator after realizing the mama duck wouldn’t be returning for her egg. We should be able to see if there is any baby inside of the egg in 7-10 days.

The duck with her egg
The incubator