Notes from Preschool

Each day Ms. Katie sends home a little note that tells how much the kids ate of their snack and when they went potty. Recently there have been personal notes from her on Will’s sheets.

9/15/2011 – “Will talked all about his full name and tractors. Ask him about pretending to make a boat and going wake boarding.” Will and Amelia have been pretending to wake board and water ski since we got home from Green Lake, WI. They use their train on wheels as the boat, a long piece of yarn with a toilet paper roll as the handle for the ski rope, and off they go. Will likes to pretend he is swimming and asks to make sure we all have life jackets on. Apparently he likes it so much he wants to do it at school!

9/20/2011 – Will didn’t eat any of his snack today, which is quite unusual because snacks are his favorite meal. Ms. Katie wrote “He said I don’t like American cheese, I like cheddar.”

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