Funny Story


I just walked into our bathroom and thought, “oh, the places you will find pee…”. It reminded me of Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh the Places You Will Go”. I have thought of several new titles related to parenting in the past few minutes, such as: “Oh the Snacks You Will Make” “Oh the Laundry You […]

Guess who said, “How old do I need to be to drive?”

Will and Amelia have great imaginations and sometimes even use them for good, like when they decide to play together nicely. Recently they were going to play their most popular imaginary game, “Brother and Sister”, yes, I know. Amelia said, “My name is Elizabeth and I’m 14.” Then Will said, “My name is John, and…Mom, […]


Last weekend we went to a picnic at Dr. Ley’s house, one of Dave’s bosses. The kids wanted to know if it was Barry’s house, the boss they know. After explaining that he has more than one boss, Amelia asked “Which boss powers over you more dad?”. I like the way Amelia just says it […]

Recent comments from Will

“Mom, why do people walk funny when they get old? You and dad are a little bit old. I’m still new.” “Vegetables make you grow big, sugar just makes you stay medium.” When I give him a time limit, such as 5 minutes his response is always, “can I have a long five minutes?”