Tonight Amelia was upset and in her a room. Will was at the table yelling, “Mina, come here!”. This happened several times until she came out and he said, “Mina, don’t cry”, she replied “It can’t be helped William”, and he said “Okay”.

Recently Will has gotten creative with stalling bedtime, even after he’s in his crib, by hollering “Mom, I’m naked.” My initial reaction was to holler back “Go to sleep Will”, but then thought I should just check. Low and behold, there was our son completely naked standing in his crib with a big grin. He’d discovered one thing that would always get us to come back to his room.

2 responses to “Conversations”

  1. Hilary

    Seriously, what four year old says ” It can’t be helped William”…so funny!

  2. Troy

    Sean, now seven, employed this same stall tactic when he was a toddler. We were always impressed on how quickly he could get out of his PJs and diaper. He still finds excuses for not going to bed. He’s our night owl.

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