Will just walked out of his room, wearing one of Amelia’s pink dress-up dresses, and asked “Do you know where my flatbed truck is?” I think he is turning out to be very well rounded.

He recently saw a woman smoking in her car and said “Hey mom, why does that lady have a candle with fire on the end in her car?”

Will was looking through an empty toilet paper roll and came over and said “I’m keeping my eye on you”.


I got dressed up for a brunch this morning and Amelia asked “why do you look so beautiful this morning?” Very sweet. She was looking through my jewelry box and wanted to put on some “creations” too. I asked what that meant and she said it meant “to get your beautiful on.” I like her modified language.

When Amelia talks I’ve started noticing a little whistle from time to time. Her two front bottom teeth are loose! We aren’t ready for a child old enough to loose teeth. Last night I was getting the kids in the car and I told Amelia I couldn’t believe how old she was getting, what could we do to keep her young? She assured me that it would be fine and there was absolutely nothing we could do to stop her from growing up. I said maybe we should have another baby to make sure we have a little one for awhile and Will said “NO, I want a dog!”…….not likely buddy.

Background information about this funny: 1. Amelia likes to narrate her life throughout the day. 2. She listens to a lot of books on cd. So today I heard her start one of her narrations with “Recorded Books Presents” and then whatever title she’d decided for this episode of Life According to Amelia.

*7/19/11 9:05pm – We just finished the last Little House on the Prairie book. Amelia said “Last chapter, please don’t go away. What am I going to do without these books?”

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  1. Troy

    Fantastic updates, Linsday. I know it has been said before, but this is such a great archive of family memories. It’s a shame more of us don’t record these snapshots in time. They’re so easily forgotten. Keep writing this stuff down. It’s great!

    Back to the LHWMP update… thanks. 8)


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