Will’s Highs and Lows

During dinner tonight I asked Will what the best and worst parts of his day were today. Here is his response:

“The best parts of my day were playing with Maggie and making her laugh and reading books with you. The worst part of my day was peeing in the trashcan. The worst part of my night was Amelia going to Emily’s birthday party.”

Let me explain -Will’s greatest thrill these days is to make Maggie laugh. I finally broke down and read the extremely long book about motorcycle racing he picked out at the library. Will is probably like most 4 year boys and waits until the last nanosecond to go to the bathroom and you never know how that will go. Well, we all know how it went today! Amelia went to her first sleepover tonight for her friend Emily’s American Girl birthday party. Will misses her already and she’s only been gone for an hour.

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