Will is 4 and oh, so fun!

Will’s birthday request was to pick corn, so we celebrated his 4th birthday and the conclusion of harvest in Iowa City in mid-October. Brian even quit a little early the day before we arrived so Dave and Will would have a full day of picking. Will loves riding in the combine and tractor and takes pride in never falling asleep–even when they go out for a 10 hour day! Amelia also likes taking a turn in the combine, but she informed us it’s not really that exciting: “just back and forth, back and forth”. This season Will asked Brian why he always got to drive the combine. Brian had several reasons, such as seeing how the crops looked and knowing what the yield was. A few hours later, after Will had obviously been thinking more about this, he told Brian that he drove the combine because, “it is your combine and it’s special”. Brian couldn’t agree more! Coincidently, those are the reasons Will drives his toy combine, too. Needless to say, Will’s birthday weekend was just what he wanted.

Will is such a fun, thoughtful, and sweet little guy. He has informed me he doesn’t like the name William and I can only call him Will. When I asked why, he said “Will is spelled w-i-l-l and William and is spelled w-i-l-l and some other letters, including M, and I don’t like the letter M.”

He absolutely loves Maggie and is always, and I mean always, right there whenever she makes a noise or he feels it has been too many minutes since he’s showered her with kisses. Luckily Maggie is starting to find him pretty entertaining and smiles when he’s around.

Here are a few recent Will and Maggie stories:

  • Will told me he just wanted to “fry her up and eat her” because he loved her so much. He must have been hungry.
  • It never fails that when I’m trying to quietly put Maggie down for a nap, Will comes running into her room and starts singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in what he considers a whisper and I consider normal volume. In true St. Louis manner he says “root, root, root for the Cardinals…” It is Will’s form of a lullaby and he refuses to leave the room until he’s done. If I try to get him out he just sings louder.
  • Last night he was giving her a kiss before she went to bed and said “good night my little sweetheart”.

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Will! We love, love, love you.


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  1. Kathleen

    I love the entire post, Lindsay. And the picture rocks. But maybe what I love most is that Will sings “root for the Cardinals”. 🙂

  2. Troy

    What a wonderful story, Lindsay. Will’s quite the character, and he gets to drive a combine on his birthday, what a lucky guy. 8)

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