Summertime Adventures

Mid-June brought the completion of Dave’s third year of medical school and a two week vacation. Along with house projects, we had lots of mini-adventures and a week with Anne and Brian in Seattle. I ran my first 1/2 marathon with Eryn, Laura and Hilary (who did a full marathon), Will went on his first bike ride, and we took our first camping trip of the season. We went to the Olympic Peninsula and camped on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The weather was great and Amelia had the time of her life – sleeping in her new sleeping bag in Gramma and Pop-pop’s tent, having hot cocoa every morning and swimming in the Strait with Laura. Of course, a visit with Anne and Brian wouldn’t be complete without outstanding meals, brunch at Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle and trips to Mathews Beach and the zoo.

The first morning Anne and Brian were here, Amelia woke up and told us she was going downstairs to see if they were awake, or asleep, or if they loved her. That started a trend where she would go down each morning and ask “can I snuggle you?” to her grandparents’ delight.

July has been the month of mobility for Will. He’s been crawling for about a week now and has quite the eye for cords and crumbs. He can also pull himself up on furniture and in his crib. When he’s decided he’s done napping, or not going to nap at all, he stands at the end of his crib, screaming at the door until someone comes to rescue him. He is very, very proud of himself. He is also getting his top two teeth, so soon that little smile with have six pearly whites!

We’ve been staying cool in this great weather by lounging in our kiddie pool or swimming in Lake Washington. We also spent a couple days swimming at Clear Lake with the Knellekens/Malcoms. Will is always testing the water by putting his face in it and then smiling with satisfaction. We’ve definitely got water babies!

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