Spring Break/Snow Day

Today is the first day of spring break, and for schools not on spring break, a snow day because of the 6″-12″ of snow that fell around St. Louis yesterday. It is quite beautiful, but also almost April… Will asked if “spring break” meant that spring would come this week. Hard to know! Along with playing in the snow, watching Dinosaur Train, and working on their Lego house, here are a few highlights from today.

Amelia wanted to do an experiment and gathered salt, ground coffee, a cup, and perhaps other ingredients. She was conducting her experiment in the bathroom for a few minutes. She exited, after much cleaning up, and said “well, that was an absolute disaster!” She’s not the first scientist in the house to feel that way.

Will has a pair of batman pajamas that are missing a cape. He asked me to buy him one today. Then he said that if I couldn’t get to it there was a fountain at dad’s work where you could make a wish, throw money into it, and your wish would come true. He would just have dad do that tomorrow.

Maggie is everywhere! She has become a proficient crawler in the past week and loves her new-found freedom. She’s goes from room to room, usually following the older kids. Spring break will also be a crash course in learning where Maggie is able to go and wants to go and what she will try to eat.

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