Save the Polar Bears

Here is a conversation from this morning:


“Amelia, did you ask about doing the assembly?”

“No”, with an eye roll. “I get stage fright. I don’t think we can do it.”


After a few questions I discovered that, after watching a nature program about Orcas, polar bears, and climate change a couple weeks ago, the one that drove Will to hysterical tears about the state of our world, he wants to educate the population and make some changes! Will has decided that he, and perhaps Amelia, should give an assembly to the whole school about how we need to use less, turn off lights, and save the polar bears. He said he would talk without any papers (notes), just him. I’m thinking he may want to start out with a smaller audience, his class maybe, so I will discuss it with his teacher:)


I’m feeling good about this next generation.

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