Odds and Ends

As usual, the kids have said several things I’ve meant to write down. Here’s what I can recall right now:


Amelia had her dance recital this past weekend. I had to get her “suntan tights” to wear with her costumes. She was all dressed and buckled into the car looking at her legs. She said “Mom, these tights look just like my skin without all the scrapes and bug bites.” She was very pleased and somewhat surprised.


Here is a conversation I walked in on between Will and Amelia. (Picture Amelia standing on a chair using hand motions while speaking.)

Amelia: “No, one comes out and then the other. They can’t both come out at the exact same time!”

Will: “Yes they can!”

Lindsay: “What are you talking about?” (Knowing very well it was twin child birth by the way Amelia was standing and moving her hands around.)

Amelia: “Who was born first, Luke or Leia.”


For Mother’s Day we tackled some yard work. In order to keep Will involved Dave suggested he become a soil conditioner and use the hoe to get the garden ready to plant. (An actual soil conditioner is pulled by a tractor). I walked by and asked how the soil conditioning was going and Will said “I need a tractor with more power.”


Maggie’s first sentence was “Watch this dada!”. We were outside on Saturday morning and she was showing him how high she could jump.

Maggie and I have a sweet game. When I say “Margaret” randomly, and in a sweet voice, she will say “I wove you”, and just keep going about her business. Often there isn’t even eye contact. She has no idea how much I love this game.



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