Our new house in Brentwood, Missouri!

Lindsay and I have been in St. Louis looking at houses, and after looking at many we think we’ve found one! Click the photo below for a photo tour.

Its a 3 bedroom “ranch” house with a smaller but newer kitchen, relatively big bedrooms, a nice backyard, a porch, small garage, and a newly finished basement with a 4th bedroom and neat bathroom. We were pretty picky, and perhaps didn’t get the mansion we wanted, but its nice. Its actually very similar to our house in Seattle. Of course, there is still the inspection and all the other crap, but its a start. It’s located in Brentwood, MO, and is a 10 minute walk to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, and other shops, and about 15 minutes to the Metrolink train to the hospital where I will be working. I think there will be a good bike route to the hospital, too. See our map for the exact location and where Amelia will go to kindergarten (eventually)!

2 responses to “Our new house in Brentwood, Missouri!”

  1. gramma and pop pop

    looks fabulous!! and did you notice that Crate and Barrel is within walking distance?? Pretty nice….

  2. fap

    Congrats! Looks great.

    Google maps for bikes was able to make a nice route to the hospital; I’m not sure the route is plowed so you may need a winter bike, something with big tires and studs, I’ve got a couple in mind. However, I hear your new bike light is bright enough to quickly melt snow and ice in your path so it may not be a problem.

    (Dave, I know the real reason you chose that house; I count three Weber devices: gas, charcoal, and a Smokey Mountain smoker rig on images 21, 22, and 24. Do whatever it takes, but those must stay with the house-you’re gonna be in St. Louis, a capitol of barbecue pork, and I understand that’s how people are measured.)

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