New home page!

We have a new homepage at, so viewers can stay up-to-date! Enjoy!

2 responses to “New home page!”

  1. gramma

    Great new webpage! I love the look, the information, the list of words, everything! Now. New pictures maybe?? I did try to link on your finances to no avail. Guess I just have to trust that you are managing those quite nicely, thank you very much. Now, onto the news!

  2. Helen

    Love your new webpage! Especially the “Words Amelia Says” part – very exciting. I can’t believe she has learned all those words since we saw her last. I want to hear “whoa” and “cheese” because I think those might be cutest. Your thoughts?

    Also, thanks to your webpage, I now have an insatiable hankering for breakfast bars.

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