First Day of School


Amelia started kindergarten at Mark Twain Elementary and Will started preschool at the Brentwood Early Childhood Center on Tuesday August 16th. It was quite the exciting morning: Amelia was the first one up and very excited and ready, and after some first day of school pictures (see the Dog Days of Summer album) we all walked one block to take Amelia to school. She kept walking a little faster and a little faster as we approached. Her teacher gave out name tags and then they filed into school. It was a slower, more reserved walk home after we dropped her off. Dave mentioned that it was hard to see her start kindergarten, and I couldn’t answer due to the kindergarten lump in my throat.

Next I took Will to preschool. He was being as brave as he could and nodded when I said I’d see him after school. It went great! He has a wonderful teacher as well. When I asked Will about school he said “They don’t have a backhoe.” He said his favorite part of the morning was playing outside and that he didn’t play with any kids, just the dump truck. When Will woke up from his nap that afternoon he gave me a big, tight hug and said “I missed you at preschool”. I missed him too! I think two mornings a week is plenty for both of us.

Amelia is LOVING kindergarten. Every part is “amazing” and her favorite class is PE. She’s feeling pretty good overall because she told me that sometimes she makes mistakes but Ms. Tadrus said kindergarten is all about making mistakes. We are all looking forward to a great year.

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  1. crystal

    they are adorable!!! this is a magazine cover!!! 🙂

  2. caroline

    I just love this photo!

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