Amelia update

Amelia is now three, and seems to be loving every minute of it. She is very much a daddy’s girl, and I am not complaining. She wants me to snuggle with her at night (although often in the MIDDLE of the night), and is very upset in the morning when I have to go to work. She says things like, “Didn’t you go to work yesterday? Why do you have to go again today?”, and runs to the door and locks it so that I can’t get out. She also likes to give me great big hugs. If you haven’t seen the video of us on an adventure to the zoo, you should check it out. Other things keeping Amelia busy include, but are not limited to:

  1. Being a princess: She wears her Princess Dress most of the time on most days. She often dances around singing about dreams coming true, and leaving one of her “glass slippers” in random places around the house.
  2. Being a big sister: Will finds Amelia very entertaining, and she will certainly indulge him. She kisses him, hugs him, gets him toys, and makes him laugh. They seem to have an especially good time in the car, where they will both sometimes laugh hysterically.
  3. Rhyming: Amelia is VERY into silly rhyming, and will say things like, “thank-you-da-bank-you”, and “that’s funny-da-bunny!” We have all started participating.
  4. Reading books: Amelia loves to read books, and will cajole her parents into reading her as many as possible.
  5. Playing with friends: She has several friends, and likes to go to the park with them where they will chat while riding in their strollers, share snacks, and play on the playground.
  6. Helping out in the kitchen: She likes to taste bread dough and lick the mixer paddle or spatulas.
  7. Keeping a tight grip on the center of attention: Yes, Will is around, but Amelia wants to be sure that she isn’t overlooked. She will say, “knock, knock”, or “ding-dong”, then, “Daddy, I want to tell you something important!”, or “I want to tell you just one more thing!” She will also plop down in front of me, blocking my view, if I happen to be playing with Will on the floor or holding him on the couch.

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  1. gramma and poppop

    What a busy girl! And obviously quite smart. She is doing all the things one would expect from a precocious child. And she is so darn cute. We LOVE the stories. Keep them coming!

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