Amelia and Jack, now and forever?

On our way to the zoo this morning, where we joined Helen, Vera, Eryn, Jack and Evvi, Amelia had lots to tell me about her future. Here is an excerpt of theĀ  conversation as I remember it:

Amelia: “Mom, when I’m as big as you I’m going to be 11. Is that old enough to marry Jack?”

me: “Not quite, you need to be 25 or 30. Are you going to marry Jack when you’re older?”

Amelia: “Yes, he’s going to be my husband because he’s my best friend forever. We’re going to build a wood house that’s purple. Our bedrooms are going to be right next to ourselves (each other) so I can snuggle him.”

At this point Helen and Vera joined us in the car.

Amelia to Helen: “I’m going to marry Jack.”

Helen: “Really, what kind of cake are going to have?”

Amelia: “A chocolate chip cake. Jack and I are going to sit at a little table, with Evvi, to eat it. I’m going to wear a white dress with sparkles and we’re going to live in a wood house that’s purple with Evvi and Will, they will be our children.”

The conversation continued with the conclusion that Amelia is going to have all her friends and their parents live in the house too. This is not the first time Amelia has talked about marrying Jack. A couple weeks ago Amelia went to a play with Eryn and Jack and at one point Amelia got frustrated and told him “If you don’t stop doing that I’m not going to be your friend or your wife!” Eryn couldn’t stop laughing when she told me.

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