Will is 7!

Will has another harvest season and birthday under his belt. This year the birthday celebration seemed to go on and on, much to Will’s delight. In early October we made our annual harvest trip to Iowa City. Will spent the majority of the weekend riding in various farm equipment and enjoying being out with the men.


We had a birthday celebration with Gramma Anne, Pop Pop Brian, and Larry.


On his true birthday, October 14th, Will chose to go out for ribs and Ted Drewe’s for frozen custard, very St. Louis. It was delicious!

The grand finale was a ninja/karate party with his friends and Vera and Faye. The party included lots of running, jumping, and obstacle courses, pizza, Will cutting his cake with a genuine sword, and breaking a board with his foot. What more could a 7-year old boy ask for?



There are things she says everyday that make me smile. Here are a couple comments she made in September, both when putting her to bed.

“Mom, when are you going to grow up and sleep in my room? Move your bed in here?”

“Sorry I was being mad of you.” – I’m guessing she was referring to what she calls her “fits”. I accepted her apology:)

“I’m a pedaler now!” Maggie

Maggie has been riding the balance bike for about a year now. It didn’t take her long to figure out that if she had pedals she could keep up with Will and Amelia a little more easily. Recently, when biking, she’d say “I want a Dora pedal bike like Faye so I can keep up.” Last weekend she decided it was time to bring out the pedal bike and give it a try at Oak Tree Park. Twenty minutes later she was off and riding a bike. Awesome!

Summer Finale

August was full of time at the pool and running through fountains to stay cool.

The kids started school August 12th. Amelia is in the 4th grade, Will is in the 1st grade, and Margaret is in preschool three mornings a week this year.

Margaret either bikes or walks to her school.

On this particular morning she was using binoculars to find her way. (It took a little longer.)

Will lost his second front tooth within the first week at school. He was thrilled because he got to wear his tooth home in a “tooth necklace” from the school nurse.

Dave and I spent our date night at the Missouri Botanical Gardens viewing the Japanese lanterns.

Wonderful July in Washingon

We spent a couple weeks of July in Washington visiting the Knellekens. Luckily we caught some of the activity on camera. What fun!

We swam, kayaked, and enjoyed Clear Lake. A highlight was Amelia learning to water-ski!!!!

Dave came for the second half and we spent a long weekend in Wenatchee with Hilary, Nick, and Easton.

We hiked.

Amelia swam in the cool mountain water.

And the kids had fun with their cousin Easton,

and Uncle Nick and Aunt Hilary.

I was able to see Michelle and Caroline, friendships going on almost three decades!

Our last Eatonville adventure was our annual trip to NW Trek with Great-Aunt Linda.

It was a great trip and we can’t wait to go back next year!