Thanksgiving ski trip to Keystone

We spent Thanksgiving in Keystone, CO, this year with our friends the Duncavages. Although there wasn’t too much snow (there were only a couple runs on the mountain open, unfortunately), we still skied and enjoyed some hot tubbing. We also had a great Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey, pies, cakes… you name it. We didn’t take many photos, but the ones we have are pretty good. The highlight was getting Margaret on skis. She was a great sport, and really caught on to it. Check out the video, its pretty great!

Eventful Memorial Day Weekend

There was more than one to spend Memorial Day weekend this year.

Option 1:  On the Pantazis farmette, spending time together, enjoying the great outdoors, and butchering chickens.


Option 2: At Alderbrook Resort in WA, spending time celebrating Chris’ 40th birthday, enjoying the great outdoors, and drinking wine.


I can say, without a doubt, everyone enjoyed the weekend.

Grandma Shirley Comes to St. Louis

We love having visitors!! My grandma Shirley has traveled all over, lived in 20+ different homes, but prefers driving as her mode of transportation. Much to our delight she took the 4-hour flight out to see us, along with my aunt Karen and aunt Carla. We showed them the highlights of our city: a Cardinals baseball game, barbecue, the history museum, and some time just cooking together and enjoying the backyard in great spring weather. Maggie will tell you she loved having “the grandmas” here:)


I chose the game where we’d all get Yadier Molina jerseys.

Maggie took advantage of having grandma all to herself when the big kids were at school. She talked constantly and always had a suggestion for something to do.

I love you grandma.


Laura and Ian’s Wedding – Island Style

Laura and Ian got married this spring! We were able to make a long trip out of it, first heading to Eatonville for a few days and then up to Orca’s Island for all the wedding festivities. It was perfection to say the least. Naturally, food took center stage, it is a Spencer event. Oysters, salmon, baked goods, homemade wedding cake, just thinking about it makes me hungry! Laura and Ian planned a wonderful getaway for everyone where we could all exercise, a run to start the wedding day, and relax with several opportunities to sauna. Amelia is writing all about it for her 5th grade personal narrative. I will have to post it as it will be much, much more descriptive than mine.


The kids loved exploring the resort and took no time getting into the water, they are crazy awesome!

Amelia tried her first oyster.

The lovely bride,

The handsome groom,

And their wedding party.



In February we spent a long weekend in Chicago with Mark, Faith, and Jonathan. It was a blast! We took advantage of the spectacular museums, went to an interactive showing of The Princess Bride for Valentine’s Day, ice skated in Millennium Park, and the highlight – going to Jonathan’s high school performance of “Bye, Bye Birdie”. Seven months later (I’m way behind on website updates) and the kids are still singing “we love you Conrad, oh yes we do…”. We are looking forward to doing it again in 2017. Thank you Mark and Faith!!

Seattle skyline at the Museum of Science and Industry

Ice skating in Millennium Park

The famous “Conrad”, Maggie was star-struck!