We have spent our daylight savings day at home, minus the time Dave spent at work. The kids have been busy and hungry for much of the day. Dinner is getting close but Amelia keeps trying to convince me to get her a snack. She has even resorted to asking for peanut butter on a rice cake. Her rationale is that it’s “basically peanut butter and air”. Will and Dave have started working on the Lego room that will be under our stairs in the basement. Will came upstairs pouting because Dave wasn’t willing to put a bathroom in right next to the new Lego room (there is a bathroom about 30 feet from there now). Will just thinks that’s too far to go when he’s working in his new room. Maggie is feeling a little under the weather with a low grade fever. I think there maybe a tooth coming. She is still a pretty happy baby making lots of hoot owl sounds. I think we’re all adjusting nicely to our longer day.

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