Halloween 2011

The kids have had nonstop Halloween celebrations this year with school parties, parades, and a friend’s birthday party.¬†Amelia dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood for her school festivities. It was a costume she’d come up with using a red coat and hat from her dress up box. After being asked over and over what she was that day she decided to go as a butterfly for trick or treating instead. Will knew months ago that he wanted to be a lion. However, the morning after I ordered the lion costume, he said, “I think I want to be a giraffe”. Too bad.

We trick or treated around our neighborhood in perfect weather. It was a clear cool night and lots of people were out on their porches or standing around bonfires with friends enjoying wine and handing out candy. It is a St. Louis tradition to tell jokes when you trick or treat, and this year Amelia was ready. She had several jokes ready and enjoyed telling them to eager adults. Dave and I couldn’t stop smiling. The best part was after making the rounds, the kids insisted on sitting at our front door handing out our candy to trick or treaters. It was a night full of entertainment.


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  1. caroline

    I love that you take a Halloween photo at your front door every year. This one is especially precious they way they are eying each other. Just want to squeeze those kiddos until the jelly comes out. Adorable!


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