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Happy Halloween. May the force be with you.

http://photos.dspencer.net/Other/Lindsay-photostream/28590155_mJB5Qr#!i=2874360673&k=KTHGHf8&lb=1&s=A http://photos.dspencer.net/Other/Lindsay-photostream/28590155_mJB5Qr#!i=2874360102&k=Vq2PXwd&lb=1&s=A http://photos.dspencer.net/Other/Lindsay-photostream/28590155_mJB5Qr#!i=2874359791&k=vfPbSHK&lb=1&s=A

Will’s 5th Harvest Birthday

Will’s birthday request has consistently been to pick corn. Thanks to an October birthday, a Pop Pop with a combine […]

2013 Garden Bounty

This year we decided to compete against the Brentwood wildlife, which includes a plethora of squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Dave […]

Forest Park Balloon Glow

On Friday night the kids and I took the train and met Dave for our annual Balloon Glow outing. We […]

She’s coming right along –

Maggie is almost 14 months old and she is coming right along. Sometimes I think that she’s more independent that […]


I just walked into our bathroom and thought, “oh, the places you will find pee…”. It reminded me of Dr. […]

Soccer season begins today. Go Chargers!


Guess who said, “How old do I need to be to drive?”

Will and Amelia have great imaginations and sometimes even use them for good, like when they decide to play together […]

Go Cardinals!

The kids earned free Cardinals tickets through our library’s summer reading program, and we used them Monday night. It was […]


Last weekend we went to a picnic at Dr. Ley’s house, one of Dave’s bosses. The kids wanted to know […]

I loose sight of her for a moment….


Just Another Wednesday Afternoon

We picked Amelia up from school today and the walk home included Will begging Amelia to hold his hand, he […]


Will is often the last one up in the morning. This morning I had to wake him up for breakfast. […]

Will’s Highs and Lows

During dinner tonight I asked Will what the best and worst parts of his day were today. Here is his […]

Spring Break/Snow Day

Today is the first day of spring break, and for schools not on spring break, a snow day because of […]


We have spent our daylight savings day at home, minus the time Dave spent at work. The kids have been […]

Maggie is 6 months old!

We can’t believe that Maggie is already 6 months old. Some of her newest tricks and milestones are giving very […]

Christmas Vacation

On December 27th we headed west to see our family and friends in Washington. The kids were outstanding travelers and […]

2012 Spencer Year in Review

Amelia is in first grade and is enjoying almost all of it. She has commented that her homework has more […]

Maggie laughing

Will got Maggie to laugh for the first time!  

Will is 4 and oh, so fun!

Will’s birthday request was to pick corn, so we celebrated his 4th birthday and the conclusion of harvest in Iowa […]

New Maggie Pictures

We posted some new photos of Maggie (and the other kids too), including many that our expert photographer friend Jessica […]

Margaret Jean Spencer!

http://photos.dspencer.net/2012/Maggie-Arrives/24338683_vRp5J6#!i=1982898095&k=Hd74Ldw A new addition to the Spencer family is finally here! Margaret Jean Spencer was born on July 23, at […]

Recent comments from Will

“Mom, why do people walk funny when they get old? You and dad are a little bit old. I’m still […]

32 weeks and Summer Vacation

The quick update here is that baby Spencer is growing well (as you can see) and we are at 32+ […]

Amelia is six!

Amelia turned six today. She had a nice party last weekend with her friends, aunt, uncle and cousins and grandparents. […]

Belly photos

Some belly photos, by popular request.

Baby Number 3

We have some important news! Lindsay is expecting and due this Summer (July 15th). Everyone is very excited, especially Amelia […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from our Sweethearts

  Amelia has been working on a valentine for me since last night. This morning she told me that she […]

Amelia and Will Skiing!

We went to Utah with Mark, Faith, Spencer, and Jonathan Parts, The Grandparents and the Pantazis’ for a couple days […]

Mark Twain’s Holiday Sing 2011

In early December we had the pleasure of attending our first Mark Twain Holiday Sing. The two Kindergarten classes sang […]

Halloween 2011

The kids have had nonstop Halloween celebrations this year with school parties, parades, and a friend’s birthday party.¬†Amelia dressed up […]

Riding Two Wheelers!

Amelia's self portrait

Amelia’s self portrait

Amelia’s self portrait from kindergarten

Notes from Preschool

Each day Ms. Katie sends home a little note that tells how much the kids ate of their snack and […]

A New Smile

Amelia lost her first tooth on Wednesday! She was so excited and proud. Unfortunately I heard her screaming frantically in […]

First Day of School

  Amelia started kindergarten at Mark Twain Elementary and Will started preschool at the Brentwood Early Childhood Center on Tuesday […]

A Destroyer

Dave’s pager went off recently and Amelia said, “I think we should call that a destroyer because it destroys the […]


Will just walked out of his room, wearing one of Amelia’s pink dress-up dresses, and asked “Do you know where […]

9th Anniversary

We celebrated our 9th Anniversary on June 29th. The kids and I were all dressed up and the table was […]

Pool Time

We invested in a pool membership this summer, which has made the Missouri summer much more bearable. We can walk […]

A & W Tidbits

William: The kids were having a tea party outside recently when it started to rain. Will came inside and asked, […]

Rice puffer

Lindsay and the kids went to the Farm for a few days to visit Laura, Ian, Helen, Vera and Faye […]

Happy 5th Birthday Amelia!

Today at 10:20am Amelia turns 5. She is well aware of this and said yesterday that we were going to […]

Eatonville & Seattle in the Spring

  The kids and I spent the last two weeks of April visiting family and friends in the lovely Pacific […]


Only in Missouri can I be sledding with the kids one Sunday, and the following Sunday be filling up the […]

Bedtime “routines” according to Will

Tonight Will was trying to get me to sleep on the couch. He asked if I wanted a story and […]

We’re back from Cozumel. We had fun.

We have returned from our trip to Cozumel. Wow, we had a wonderful time. Click the image below for photos. […]

What Amelia wants to be when she grows up

A&W Tidbits

Earlier this week Amelia was pestering me to let her watch a movie. I told her she could do anything […]