Will is Wonderful at ONE

Will celebrated his first birthday in Iowa with Gramma Anne, Pop pop Brian and Great-Grandfather Hal.  He has thoroughly enjoyed being one. He is walking, has 10 teeth and climbs on everything, particularly small chairs that can easily tip over.  So far he likes to live on the edge and is doing his best to keep up with Amelia.

We were in Chicago and Iowa City for 3 weeks in late September to mid October.  Amelia decided her “cousins-once removed”, Spencer and Jonathan, are the best.  The boys were continuous entertainment for her while we stayed with them in Chicago, jumping on the bean bag, reading books and climbing up and down the bunk bed.  What more could a girl want?

Will and Amelia had a great time running around the farm, riding in the combine, chasing Penny dog and getting Pop pop and Gramma to read lots and lots of books in Iowa City. The weather did not cooperate for a bountiful harvest while we were there. On a positive note, Pop pop and Dave had lots of time to play with the kids, which everyone enjoyed. We’re looking forward to more adventures when we all get together again in Seattle in December!

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