What will he say next?

I’m not sure if it’s Will or that I would find all 5-year olds funny (it’s likely just Will for me). Here are two things he said today that made me laugh and feel the need to record them.

1. They had a Valentine’s Day party at school today and he came home with a box of Valentines and candy. He wanted to have some candy after lunch and I’ve decided it’s better to just get rid of it as soon as possible, so I said sure. He started with a sucker and moved on to some stale licorice. Next I heard him say, mostly to himself, “I’ll go see if there’s anything else I want to get rid of.” He was gone for a moment and came back with M&Ms. He said “I wonder if these will be circle or heart shaped?”, justifying the need to open them immediately. “Circles, I knew it!” – commence eating M&Ms.

2. Realizing it is February 12th I put some red Valentine-like dishtowels in the kitchen. Will walked in, looked at the one hanging on the stove, and said “Looks like you’re trying to fancy-up this family, huh?” My only reaction was to laugh, pick him up, and say “I love you, and yes, I am trying to fancy-up this family!”


One thought on “What will he say next?

  1. anne spencer

    Will’s great grandfather would approve of his philosophy! He believed that one should consume what one could and then discard the rest. No need to be tempted by sweets or unhealthy foods.


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