Wednesday January 15, 2013

Today started out as “one of those mornings”. Maggie must be teething or just torturing us. I was actually awake at 5:38 am when she started crying. I’ve been trained. I was able to get her back to sleep by the time Amelia crawled into bed with us. She couldn’t get back to sleep after being rudely woken up by her sister. All of us slept/snuggled until 7, this was the highlight. Naturally we were a little behind schedule, so when the coffee came out weak I nearly threw in the towel. I packed Amelia’s lunch with a leftover Jimmy Johns BLT sandwich, her favorite. What I didn’t realize until we were on the way to school was that  was all I had packed her. I told her and her response was “That’s totally fine mom, I’ve got bacon!”. Oh Amelia, my love, thank you.


While Will and Maggie were eating lunch this afternoon, Will was asking Maggie to repeat a bunch of new words. It went something like this:

W: Maggie, say “John”.

M: John (in Maggie speak with the inflection usually in the right place. This goes for almost everything that follows.)

W: Maggie, say “Uncle”.

M: Uncle

W: Maggie, say “Soil Conditioner”

M: Soil Conditioner

W: Maggie, say “Combine”

M: PAPA – and this was clear as day and with a big grin!

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