The Holidays with Amelia

Christmas was a fun-filled event with Amelia this year. By the time the last package was waiting to be unwrapped she was saying “open present?”. The highlights for Amelia over the holiday season were the twinkling lights on the neighbor’s house that she called “dancing lights”, the carols “Frosty the Snowman” and “Jingle Bells”, and anytime she would see a Santa. Her Uncle Matt bought her a stroller that she reminds us is “Mia’s stoller” if any other child gets close to it and the stroller must be parked next to her crib when she takes a nap or goes to bed. Amelia is now a pet owner thanks to Auntie Hil & Uncle Nick. She has named her beta fish Purple and was saying “Good morning Purple” as I was getting coffee ready this morning. I think she will be very attentive to Purple, at least for the next week.

Amelia has become a constant conversationalist with new words and phrases every day. She sings “Rock a by baby in the tee top”, has been hollering a very enthusiastic yes or no to any question this weekend and a periodic “I LOVE YOU!” which we absolutely can’t get enough of, and wants to “watch football” whenever we come downstairs. Not sure how that got started but Dave isn’t complaining.

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