Summer Finale

August was full of time at the pool and running through fountains to stay cool.

The kids started school August 12th. Amelia is in the 4th grade, Will is in the 1st grade, and Margaret is in preschool three mornings a week this year.

Margaret either bikes or walks to her school.

On this particular morning she was using binoculars to find her way. (It took a little longer.)

Will lost his second front tooth within the first week at school. He was thrilled because he got to wear his tooth home in a “tooth necklace” from the school nurse.

Dave and I spent our date night at the Missouri Botanical Gardens viewing the Japanese lanterns.

One thought on “Summer Finale

  1. Sarah Ressler

    Hux lost a tooth at school his second week and also got a tooth necklace. Great nurses think alike I guess


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