She’s coming right along –

Maggie is almost 14 months old and she is coming right along. Sometimes I think that she’s more independent that Will and Amelia! Here are some examples:

If she is hungry she will go to the drawer with her plastic cups and get a snack bowl with a lid and bring it to me.

If I take the blender out of the cabinet she immediately goes to the drawer and finds the cup with a lid, and then goes to the cabinet where the straws are stored because she’s certain I’m going to make her a smoothy.

If I ask her if she wants to go get Amelia from school, go the park, go the library, anywhere really, she giggles, claps her hands, and is looking for her shoes.

She also loves clothes and is constantly trying to figure out how to get them on by herself, usually over clothes she is already wearing. (Apparently I used to do this, maybe at 3 or 4, and my mom would find me in my room with several pairs of underwear, pants, and shirts on at a time.)

Maggie is also enjoying the great outdoors whenever she can. If ¬†she hears a door open she is doing what is probably a full on Maggie sprint to get there and outside before it closes. I’ve started being very careful about saying “outside” because that initiates the same giggles and clapping and she cannot be persuaded toward any other activity at that point. I mentioned this to our neighbor and he laughed and said she sounds like the other kids and fits in perfectly in the Spencer family. He’s right.

She is very independent on the playground and can climb up stairs and go down small slides on her own. I just can’t believe how quickly all these things are happening. She is so happy being busy and so fun to watch. Oh how we love our Maggie Jean.!i=2757051834&k=rxPxFKv&lb=1&s=A!i=2718661957&k=9gSQgHT&lb=1&s=A


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