Our First Month in St. Louis

This past weekend was the one month anniversary of our move to St. Louis, and we are now beginning to feel settled in our new house.  Several rooms have been painted (Amelia’s is purple as promised) and we only have a couple boxes still packed–and they may stay that way for a while. We have also planted a small garden and readied our guest bedroom for visitors!  Anne and Brian came down on moving day after having Amelia and Will with them for over a week and helped us unload the Penske truck, unpack boxes and complete many other tedious tasks.

Dave started work on July 1st and is getting used to being a clinical pathology resident.  His hours can be long but he is home every night and usually gets to have breakfast with us in the morning.

Amelia and Will are definitely adjusting to our new location.  Amelia has been the most vocal of her likes and dislikes of St. Louis.  My favorite comments from her are about the weather: she told me one day that it was “just wicked hot here!”–and she’s right!  She does enjoy playing in the pool and the sprinkler, despite the heat, and she has made some new friends (but still misses her old ones). Will also enjoys the pool, especially when he goes down the slide into it head first. The hot weather and pool/sprinkler activities usually means that he is down to just his diaper by early afternoon at the latest.

On most days the kids and I usually get go out for a morning adventure, often a mini one, and then stay indoors and cool in the afternoon.  We’ve found several great parks with water features for kids (or adults) to play in, story time at our local library and I joined a group through the university that has activities for us almost every week.  I’ve told several people that I feel like I’m in the moms dating scene trying to make friends on the playground.  Wish me luck!

We all miss our family and friends back on the West coast.  Come visit anytime and please stay in touch.  xoxoxoxo

3 thoughts on “Our First Month in St. Louis

  1. gramma and pop pop

    What a nice summary of your first month. This has definitely been an unusually hot summer for the midwest. So MAYBE it won’t be so bad …..next year?? We can dream! Sounds like the social scene is heating up for sure. love from Iowa!


  2. Sandy Spencer

    Lindsey, how is the dating scene going??? It is hard moving to a new location, but in time it will feel like home.

    What a fiasco we have had, oh well, life goes on. Loved seeing you, David and the children, and of coarse Anne and Brian. Went to Costco yesterday, and I don’t think we have Healthy Bites? I couldn’t remember the name, so here I am… Love to all… Stay cool.


  3. Lauren Jenks

    Hi, Lindsay! Congratulations on your move! I wanted to let you know that I have friends in St Louis–Tess Thompson and Tom Rodebaugh with their kids Ben (6) and Meg (almost 2). He is a Psychologist at Wash U. and Tess is just starting the MPH program there. Send me an e-mail with your e-mail address, and I will do an e-mail introduction for you guys! I hope things are going well in your transition!


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