Merry Christmas

This year was one of our quietest holiday seasons. We had planned to spend Christmas at home and then join Anne and Brian in Effingham with Helen and her family. The “winter crud” hit hard on Christmas and Will and Maggie were sick for the remainder of vacation. Luckily Anne and Brian braved the illness and came for a few days to make things more enjoyable for all of us. The Pantazis crew came for a full day of St. Louis fun including the City Museum, lunch out, and holiday lights at the zoo. Here are a few Christmas highlights we actually documented.


Baking Peanut Butter Blossoms, a request from Amelia to honor Grandma Delores.


Christmas Eve, Will is starting to fade a little already.

Opening our packages from Melinda and Mike, our Christmas Eve tradition.

And then this pretty much summarizes the rest of winter break at the Spencers –


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