Keeping up with Maggie

There are so many hilarious “Maggie phrases”, conversations, and mannerisms, if only I would write them down more often! Here are a few that I can recall tonight.


  1. When Maggie wants to share a secret with someone she will say “I have to whisper”. Then she puts her ear directly next to yours and speaks in a whisper while facing away from you. This is extremely hard to hear and absolutely darling.
  2. Due to too many uneaten and complained over dinner times, we’ve instituted a new monthly menu schedule. (The jury is still out on whether the little kids are eating any more dinner but there does appear to be a little less complaining.) In February the Monday night menu included eggs. On a Monday night Maggie came into the kitchen. I told her we were having eggs. She said, “I don’t like eggs. I’ll have a banana and you can call it an egg,” and left before I could respond. She’s a quick one!
  3. Maggie understands the progression of her upcoming school career. She recently told me “after I’m in Ms. Katie’s class I will be in Ms. Rachel’s class. Then I get to go to kindergarten. I can’t wait to be in Ms. Tadrus’ class. I love her.” She might be ready but I’m not.

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