Happy Halloween

Every year we are reminded that Halloween is a big deal in St. Louis. Neighbors decorate their homes, inside and out, adults get dressed up, jokes are shared in order to get candy when trick or treating, and the festivities continue for days! This year Maggie’s school party was Wednesday, Amelia and Will’s parade and party were Thursday, no school Friday, and Halloween finally arrived Saturday. Here are some of the highlights.


The Mark Twain Halloween parade is always great. The kids all walk with their “buddies”, kids they are paired up at the beginning of the year.


It was a beautiful day.


Will is the ninja.



We went to the Science Center’s Spooktacular and met the Ghostbusters!



We carved pumpkins.




And trick-or-treated with friends.



A total success with our cowgirls and ninja for Halloween 2015!


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