Happy 5th Birthday Amelia!

Today at 10:20am Amelia turns 5. She is well aware of this and said yesterday that we were going to “celebrate me”. Indeed, we will. We plan to bring cupcakes to her preschool class and then go to her rehearsal for her first ballet recital. After that, we will go out for Chinese food (her request) and then return home for ice cream sundaes and gifts. The two things she’s asked for are a pink water bottle (to replace the one we lost on our recent airplane trip to Seattle) and a small bouquet of flowers that she can hold in her hands. I think the last request has something to do with the recent royal wedding.

Amelia is wonderful at 5. The most common thing we’ve said about Amelia recently is “wow, she has a lot of energy”.  She is always moving, and always, always, always, talking. Yesterday she told me that she “just loves dancing, singing, just everything!” and then started to belt out something resembling opera, an analogy I use very loosely. She’s very independent and takes control of most situations, including whatever it is her brother happens to be doing. She has an impressive imagination and a definite sense of style: she loves all her Boden clothes, her Laura Ingalls Wilder bonnet, and all accessories regardless of their origin. We’ve had to set a limit of two outfits a day to keep the laundry load at a manageable level. Amelia is her own person with her own ideas and explanations about life. We listen, smile, laugh and enjoy her very much.  Happy Birthday to our sweet girl.

2 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Amelia!

  1. crystal

    i can’t believe how much she’s grown and will looks like a little davie! what a beautiful family!!! miss you guys!


  2. Caroline

    Oiy, we’re quite late on the well wishing! I hope the celebration of AMELIA was quite fun and everything she hoped. I love reading these updates. It will be so precious for your kiddos to read through them some day when they are bigger. Much love to all of you!


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