Happy 2014!

Happy new year! Here is a recap of our 2013

In January Maggie reached the 6 month mark. She was still willing to be a prop for Will’s toys at that point.


In February we vacationed in Cozumel. Maggie really enjoyed the local cuisine.


Things were a little cooler in St. Louis in March… no swim suits required here.


We spent Easter with the Pantazis crew, baby chicks and all!


In April Amelia completed the St. Louis Read, Right, and Run Marathon, her first organized run (1 mile), with a finale that included thousands of students from around St. Louis.


Amelia turned 7 on May 4th.


Maggie and I celebrated Grandma Kat’s 60th birthday in Washington.


In June Amelia, Vera, and Will went to Iowa for Gramma Camp, or Grandparent Camp like Will likes to call it. Maggie and I took a short road trip to hang out with Helen and Faye for some hot weather fun.


We headed to Washington in July, non-stop action and Northwest beauty. Check out these kids!


Maggie turned 1 on July 23rd.


Summer wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to Green Lake, WI in August with lots of Spencer extended family.



In September we were back in the swing of school, soccer, and juggling activities with three kiddos.


(It can be exhausting.)


October is Will’s favorite month of the year because he can celebrate his birthday, and it’s harvest season. He turned 5 on the 14th and let me just say, October lived up to his expectations yet again!


Plus the Cardinals made it to the World Series!


We took advantage of another beautiful St. Louis fall that took us through November. Bikes are really the best way to travel as a gang at this age.


December was full of holiday adventures, including a trip for Amelia and me to Washington for Papa Mike’s 60th birthday, a post Christmas trip to Iowa City, and New Year’s with the Pantazis crew.




Wow! What a year.






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  1. Jessica

    What a great recap with great photos!! You will enjoy looking back at that in years to come.


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