Baby Number 3

We have some important news! Lindsay is expecting and due this Summer (July 15th). Everyone is very excited, especially Amelia and William. They both have their own ideas about names, gender, etc. (Will told Lindsay we should name the baby Lightning McQueen if its a boy.)

Here is a photo from the 20 week ultrasound. Thumbs up!!i=1728559478&k=svKQ5kF



2 thoughts on “Baby Number 3

  1. Trinity & Scott

    Yay! Such wonderful news!!!!!! Cannot wait to meet the new addition to the Super Spencer Family!!!!!


  2. Caroline

    Dang, you guys raise em cute! P and I just finished watching about 20 movies and looked through all your recent photos at least twice. We sure miss you guys, but we love love love seeing you all on the screen. Your babes are so precious, inquisitive, and bright, Lindsay and Dave. You have every right to be quite proud of them!


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