Update on our move to St. Louis, etc.

I promised some details on our match to Wash U in St. Louis…sorry for taking so long. There isn’t too much to say at this point, but here is an update if you’re not in the loop.

Even before March 18, we were fairly confident that we would be moving away from Seattle and so had been working on getting our house ready to sell. It went on the market on the afternoon of March 18th and we had an acceptable offer about 10 days after that. Since then we have been waiting, waiting, waiting for the buyers to do their due diligence.

We have also been looking for a new place to live in the greater St. Louis area via the internet. Our preference would be to live in Webster Groves, a small community about 7 or 8 miles from the Wash U medical campus. It has many nice homes and really good schools. We have a list of about 10 houses that look nice and we will probably take a short trip there at the end of this month to check them out. Other places we will consider are Brentwood, Clayton, and University City. All of these would be a reasonable commute; I could easily drive (which is what most people do), or bike to the hospital (maybe 8 miles) or at least bike to the Metrolink train (0-3 miles, then a 15 minute train ride). Check out this map if you want to see where we are thinking of living and some of the critical necessities and attractions nearby and a couple of the houses on our list. We are also working on the moving logistics and have a Penske truck and a mover (we pack-they drive) reserved. We are not sure which would be better. If anyone feels compelled to take a trip to St. Louis, let us know and perhaps you can drive one of our cars (we’ll pay for your fuel!).

In other news, Will is talking now and has several words. He is also running around like crazy and likes trucks, backhoes, excavators and anything that makes a lot of noise. Amelia is still a princess AND a ballerina (and informed us that she doesn’t even need ballerina lessons because she is already a ballerina). In other words, they continue to be very fun.

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  1. Sandy

    You & Lindsey have a lot going on in your lives. We are very happy for you! Every once in a while step back, reflect, and enjoy…


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