Matched to Wash U in St. Louis…more later

3 responses to “Matched to Wash U in St. Louis…more later”

  1. crystal

    Congrats!!! Time to rent “Meet Me in St. Louis” … to pump you up!


  2. Caroline

    Wahoo! Congrats on the decision-making being done and still being married! 🙂 I’m inspired by you both, in awe of your ability to face tough decisions with such grace as a couple. Many hugs to you the four of you. I’m looking forward to a visit.


  3. Betty Olson

    Congratulations!! Maynard and I wish all four of you the best as you get settled this summer in one of our favorite former hometowns. We will look forward to hearing your impressions of your new lives in the St. Louis area. Enjoy the fireflies and the great thunder storms!


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