Christmas Vacation

On December 27th we headed west to see our family and friends in Washington. The kids were outstanding travelers and the trip itself was pretty flawless. Little did we know that the one major bump was picking up a horrible stomach virus somewhere between St. Louis and Seattle. Unfortunately it plagued us from December 28th – January 8th. It takes some time to run through a family of 5, plus all the poor family and friends we passed it along to. We wish we could have seen more friends and family, but if you didn’t see us, count yourself lucky this time!

The highlights of the trip were introducing Maggie to all her extended family, a trip to Wenatchee to ski and hang out with Hilary, Nick, and Easton, and our ever so brief visits with the few friends we were able to see (sorry Geokezas for getting you sick!).

Hilary and I loved getting some time together, especially with our new little ones.

I’m anxious to get back for a trip that doesn’t leave a trail of illness throughout the state! Until next time WA.

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