A & W Tidbits


The kids were having a tea party outside recently when it started to rain. Will came inside and asked, “Mom, can you turn off the rain”.

I turned on NPR this morning, as I do most mornings. Will was eating breakfast and asked, “Is this Car Talk?”. Both kids have been known to ask to listen to “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”.

Will had his goggles on upside down and when I told him he said they were “upside right”.

Will has been a quick learner from his sister. Whenever he does something he shouldn’t, such as hitting or kicking, he quickly says “it was an accident”.


Amelia and Little House on the Prairie:

Amelia has truly loved the Little House on the Prairie books. We recently started the last one, These Happy Golden Years. When I told her it was the last one she said “NO!”. I know exactly how she feels. This book focuses on Laura and Almonzo, which we are all enjoying. Amelia has kicked her feet out of excitement, pulled the covers over her head, and tonight after I read about Almonzo picking Laura up in his sleigh she simply said “That’s incredible”. We have a book lover on our hands.

Will bit Amelia today (not good at all). While he was in timeout Amelia said that she wished there was a teacher here to smack him with a ruler. I’m assuming another Little House on the Prairie reference.



Will was crying when Dave had to leave for work and Amelia looked at me and said “Will is so dra-ma-tic”.

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