2012 Spencer Year in Review

Amelia is in first grade and is enjoying almost all of it. She has commented that her homework has more writing and less drawing than last year. You’re right! She’s reading, loves art, PE, and listening to books on cd with Will after school. She and Will continue to have fun together, especially when bedtime rolls around. Why not at 4 pm??

Will goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He’s told me several times that he wants to go everyday, love that! He is very attentive to Maggie and does everything he can to make her laugh.

Maggie is perfecting “blowing raspberries” these days. She really picks up momentum when she gets tired. She is always entertained by Will and Amelia, lighting up whenever they come in the room. She is a happy little one and we can’t imagine our family without her.

Dave will officially finish his pathology residency in June 2013. He will continue doing research for the next few years. His hours are long but at the end of the day he seems to perk up when the kids run to him as he walks in the door. He and Will have been “smoking” (meat,that is) over the summer and weekends. It’s a hobby we all enjoy!

I am home with the kids. It’s been busy with baby Maggie but we’re in a good groove with a long nap from time to time. We get together with friends throughout the week and continue to explore new places throughout St. Louis. A highlight this fall was the Pantazis move to Effingham, IL, a mere two hours away! Helen and I are trying to recreate our Seattle experience, only it’s 100 miles instead of 2 to get together.

We are looking forward to adventures throughout 2013. We are very grateful for our healthy, happy family of 5 – WOW!


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