Will’s Piece

Will is very attached to his blanket. The key to his happiness is the silky border, which he calls his […]

Born out

Last night I was putting Will to bed and he said he wanted to crawl back into my tummy. I […]


Tonight Amelia was upset and in her a room. Will was at the table yelling, “Mina, come here!”. This happened […]

Christmas morning video… with every little detail

See photos from our Christmas, too:

Year in review: 2010

Funnies (just realized I never posted this from last month)

Amelia While asking for something during breakfast she also asked, “oh, and when are you going to take me to […]

December weekends

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Iowa City with the Spencers and had a great time wrapping up the end of November […]


We have not been good about posting videos recently (although we DO have quite a bit of footage from our […]

Amelia’s Thanksgiving Day Essay

Amelia’s preschool class compiled a book of what each student had planned for Thanksgiving this year.  Here’s is Amelia’s entry: […]

Happy Halloween

It took no time to get into the Halloween spirit here.  We didn’t get around to carving pumpkins until Halloween […]

Happy 2nd Birthday William!

Today we are celebrating Will’s second birthday!  When he stumbled into the kitchen this morning and I wished him a […]

Will I ever get a pony?

A few days ago, out of the blue, Amelia asked me “mom, will I ever get a real pony?”.  I […]

Our First Month in St. Louis

This past weekend was the one month anniversary of our move to St. Louis, and we are now beginning to […]

Our new house in Brentwood, Missouri!

Lindsay and I have been in St. Louis looking at houses, and after looking at many we think we’ve found […]


It’s official (or as official as it can be before our closing date of June 9th) that our house is […]

Update on our move to St. Louis, etc.

I promised some details on our match to Wash U in St. Louis…sorry for taking so long. There isn’t too […]

Matched to Wash U in St. Louis…more later

Rank list submitted

Thanks for your votes. Our rank list has been submitted, so check back on March 18 to find out where […]

Update: Residency decision (now with a poll)

Where to go? (click on the markers on the map) View Decisions… in a larger map As many of you […]

Another trip to the zoo…

See this video for our trip to the zoo yesterday (12/13)

Amelia’s Preschool Conference

I had my first conference with Amelia’s teacher, Ms. Tara, yesterday. We sat in miniature chairs at a small, round […]

Amelia and Jack, now and forever?

On our way to the zoo this morning, where we joined Helen, Vera, Eryn, Jack and Evvi, Amelia had lots […]

Will is Wonderful at ONE

Will celebrated his first birthday in Iowa with Gramma Anne, Pop pop Brian and Great-Grandfather Hal.  He has thoroughly enjoyed […]

Will is Walking!

We knew he could do it, he just didn’t know it yet. He took a few steps between me and […]

Amelia’s First Day of Preschool (9/9/09)

Today was Amelia’s first day of preschool. Perhaps if she had any reservations about going, I’d be a little sad. […]

Summertime Adventures

Mid-June brought the completion of Dave’s third year of medical school and a two week vacation. Along with house projects, […]

Will can clap!

Will just learned to clap. Check back for a video soon. He also likes to bouncy in your lap when […]

Weekend on Lummi Island

We spent last weekend (May 29-31) on Lummi Island, just off the coast of Bellingham, WA. This was my birthday […]

William update

Will is seven and half months old now and ready to go, go, go. He is a champion at sitting […]

Amelia update

Amelia is now three, and seems to be loving every minute of it. She is very much a daddy’s girl, […]

Will has teeth

Two lower incisors. They have poked through and are quite noticeable now.

The Questions Begin…

Amelia is getting very excited for her 3rd birthday (May 4th).  So far her birthday wishes are a purple kitchen, […]

Amelia & Will are GREAT!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted an update on the kids, and don’t think it’s because there’s not enough […]

Will had his hernia repaired-Everything went great and he was a real trooper

Will had his hernia repaired-Everything went great and he was a real trooper

For those of you who didn’t know, Lindsay discovered a small left inguinal hernia in Will’s groin several weeks ago. […]


Will had his first true laughs tonight in the bath with Amelia.  Amelia would splash towards Will and he would […]


There have been some new routines since Will arrived.  Our morning routine is the most fun.  Amelia lets me know […]

Merry Christmas, from the Spencers!

Merry Christmas, from the Spencers!

Here are a few highlights from this year: William Higley was born on October 14th. Will is now 2-months old […]

Christmas Spirit

Amelia was finishing up her breakfast this morning and trying to tell me she wanted something. Unfortunately I wasn’t hearing […]

Grocery List

I told Amelia we need to go to the store today and she said “Oh good, we need sugar, cranberries, […]

Adventures with Amelia, and a Will Update

The days are filled with constant Amelia commentary around here. Here are a few things she’s done and told me […]

Will’s Body Language, Amelia’s Language

Will is changing everyday, getting stronger and putting on the weight. We weighed him on the kitchen scale last night […]

Life with 2 kiddos

We are having a good time adjusting to a family of 4 and I’m amazed at how quickly the past […]

It’s a boy!

William Higley Spencer was born at 0100 hours this morning, October 14, 2008. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces, and […]

Still no baby…

No action yet. A visit to the OB Thurs confirmed that things are moving, albeit slowly. The current plan is […]

No baby yet!!

We have all been waiting, waiting, waiting for the baby to arrive, but there is no real action to report […]

Amelia sets her own schedule in her “Big Girl Bed”

We have been trying to transition Amelia from her crib to a twin bed for some time with minimal success. […]

Amelia update…

We have been bad about posting cute and funny things that Amelia has done recently, but here’s an update. Amelia […]

Post-surgery rotation update and camping trip

New photos! Click the thumbnails below to see them (more detail in the post below). I finished my surgery rotation. […]

Daddy and Amelia on a Saturday

Today Amelia and I went for a ferry ride, we had a great time, we saw seagulls and the captain […]

Quotes by Amelia

I’ve been meaning to record the great things Amelia says so here’s a recap of comments that stand out over […]