Eventful Memorial Day Weekend

There was more than one to spend Memorial Day weekend this year. Option 1:  On the Pantazis farmette, spending time […]

Grandma Shirley Comes to St. Louis

We love having visitors!! My grandma Shirley has traveled all over, lived in 20+ different homes, but prefers driving as […]

Laura and Ian’s Wedding – Island Style

Laura and Ian got married this spring! We were able to make a long trip out of it, first heading […]


In February we spent a long weekend in Chicago with Mark, Faith, and Jonathan. It was a blast! We took […]

“Will and Margaret are being maniacs”

There’s a little drama/Harry Potter spell casting in the Spencer house, regularly.

Keeping up with Maggie

There are so many hilarious “Maggie phrases”, conversations, and mannerisms, if only I would write them down more often! Here are […]

Merry Christmas

This year was one of our quietest holiday seasons. We had planned to spend Christmas at home and then join […]


Helen and I have decided it’s not too hard to get together midweek from time to time, or that it […]

Happy Halloween

Every year we are reminded that Halloween is a big deal in St. Louis. Neighbors decorate their homes, inside and […]

Will is 7!

Will has another harvest season and birthday under his belt. This year the birthday celebration seemed to go on and […]


There are things she says everyday that make me smile. Here are a couple comments she made in September, both […]

“I’m a pedaler now!” Maggie

Maggie has been riding the balance bike for about a year now. It didn’t take her long to figure out […]

Summer Finale

August was full of time at the pool and running through fountains to stay cool. The kids started school August […]

Wonderful July in Washingon

We spent a couple weeks of July in Washington visiting the Knellekens. Luckily we caught some of the activity on […]

Happy Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation officially began at noon on Wednesday May 27th. The kids all had a great year with their teachers! […]

Save the Polar Bears – Part 2

Today Will presented information about polar bears, climate change, and what people can do to help minimize their carbon footprint […]

Blue Ribbon!

Amelia’s science fair experiment, “How Intelligent Are Chickens”, won a blue ribbon at the St. Louis Science Fair! It was […]

Words of Wisdom

Amelia was helping with (being ordered around by) Margaret and her friend Sarah. They wanted her to push them in […]

Spring Break

Spring break was a success this year, thanks to outings with the White family, a couple days in Effingham, and […]

Mark Twain Art Fair

The art teacher at Mark Twain impresses us year after year with her annual Art Fair. She takes wonderful photographs […]

Science Fair

2015 marks the first year of science fair project opportunities for the Spencer family, and I mean family! Amelia was […]

Save the Polar Bears

Here is a conversation from this morning:   “Amelia, did you ask about doing the assembly?” “No”, with an eye […]

Super Powers 

When I asked Will if he wanted to do an exercise video after school yesterday he gave me an enthusiastic […]

Our girls are growing up

Recently Will and I were outside and I went to check on our chickens. As I was walking to their […]

Room of Tranquility

Amelia was home sick today, poor thing. We had a morning of movies, a popsicle, and just some much needed […]

Oh Margaret, you’re the best

When I went to get Margaret up from her nap she looked at me and said “you’re my mommy, you’re […]

King of her Castle

King of her Castle

I was just putting Margaret to bed in her newly improved and painted bedroom. As we walked in she said […]

Happy Halloween

The Halloween celebrations started a day early for the kids this year. On Thursday there were the annual Mark Twain […]

Baby chickens…more things I’m responsible for keeping alive.

A month ago, after an evening with Helen and John in Effingham, and a few drinks, we decided we should […]

Morning Goodbyes

We are well into the school morning routines. When Dave leaves for work all the kids require a big hug […]

Margaret Vision

During Will’s soccer practices, there are times when Margaret wears me down and I hand over my phone. Here is […]

Working Parents

Margaret was looking at a truck book this afternoon and said “dada drives a fire truck.” I asked “what does […]

First Day of School

August 13th was the first day of third grade for Amelia and the first day of KINDERGARTEN for Will! They […]

2014 Summertime Synopsis

We had a fabulous, fun-filled summer vacation. The kids finished school May 29th and started their swim team season on […]

Amelia’s 2013/2014 Artwork

It’s always fun to go through Amelia’s art folder at the end of the year. The art teacher is outstanding […]

Amelia’s Dance Recital

This is the third year Amelia has danced with the Brentwood Dance School. It’s a great program, taught by the […]

Odds and Ends

As usual, the kids have said several things I’ve meant to write down. Here’s what I can recall right now: […]


Mom: “Will, please put your clothes away.” Will: “Ugh, can’t you just give me a day off?” Mom: “Are you […]


“Most pretzels just have the shell but peanut butter pretzels have the turtle and the shell.” Will

What will he say next?

I’m not sure if it’s Will or that I would find all 5-year olds funny (it’s likely just Will for […]

Wednesday February 5, 2014

We woke up to another snow day today. Amelia has only had 3 so far but it seems like it’s […]

Wednesday January 15, 2013

Today started out as “one of those mornings”. Maggie must be teething or just torturing us. I was actually awake […]

Happy 2014!

Happy new year! Here is a recap of our 2013 In January Maggie reached the 6 month mark. She was […]