Update: Residency decision (now with a poll)

Where to go? (click on the markers on the map) View Decisions… in a larger map As many of you […]

Another trip to the zoo…

See this video for our trip to the zoo yesterday (12/13)

Will is Walking!

We knew he could do it, he just didn’t know it yet. He took a few steps between me and […]

Will can clap!

Will just learned to clap. Check back for a video soon. He also likes to bouncy in your lap when […]

Amelia update

Amelia is now three, and seems to be loving every minute of it. She is very much a daddy’s girl, […]

Will has teeth

Two lower incisors. They have poked through and are quite noticeable now.

Trips to the zoo and visits from aunts

A few trips to the zoo with Laura and when Helen and Vera visited, as well as some other photos. […]

Golden-Age Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

Golden-Age Pre-Prohibition Pilsner (5 gallons, partial mash) Ingredients: 3 lbs. six-row lager malt 0.5 lb. carapils malt 1 lb. flaked […]


VW – 126,812


Will had his hernia repaired-Everything went great and he was a real trooper

Will had his hernia repaired-Everything went great and he was a real trooper

For those of you who didn’t know, Lindsay discovered a small left inguinal hernia in Will’s groin several weeks ago. […]


We’re back at home after the holiday rush, and mostly recovered from the various illnesses we contracted while visiting family. […]

Holiday Iowa Trip 2008

After a false start due to snowy weather in Seattle, we managed to make it to Iowa City for the […]

Snowy Seattle 2008

Photos of our Christmas in Seattle and all the snow!


More photos: Will smiling, Amelia being silly.


New photos of Will and Amelia over the Thanksgiving holiday. As you see in some of the photos, Will is […]


Will is growing, growing, growing! (And Amelia is cuter than ever, too.)


Our recent, brief visit to Eatonville, niece/cousin Madelyn, and more.

Hanging out with Will and Amelia

It’s a boy!

William Higley Spencer was born at 0100 hours this morning, October 14, 2008. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces, and […]

Welcome William

William Higley Spencer, born 10/14/2008 at 1:00 am. 7 pounds, 13 ounces; 20 inches

Still no baby…

No action yet. A visit to the OB Thurs confirmed that things are moving, albeit slowly. The current plan is […]

No baby yet!!

We have all been waiting, waiting, waiting for the baby to arrive, but there is no real action to report […]

Don’t Forget About Amelia!

Some great photos of Amelia, before her little brother came along.

Amelia sets her own schedule in her “Big Girl Bed”

We have been trying to transition Amelia from her crib to a twin bed for some time with minimal success. […]

Amelia update…

We have been bad about posting cute and funny things that Amelia has done recently, but here’s an update. Amelia […]